seven days of the 70s

You know how I love 70s films, so I have managed to cajole several other writers into a week-long festival of any and all things 70s: stars, directors, writers, musicians, songs, villain lairs, Helen numbers, helpful animals, fashions, you name it! Starting Monday, February 22, look for a marked increase in the amount of masala magic in the air. As Todd has said, "a list of my favorite Bollywood films from the 70s is a list of my favorite Bollywood films period; you just can't beat that era's films for dazzling color, alluring stars, outlandish action, and irresistible tunes. And I wouldn't hesitate to recommend [my chosen] seven films to anybody, regardless of taste." For any readers who haven't delved into films pre-SRK, here's a golden opportunity to splash into a carefully curated pool of the bliss that is the 1970s in popular Indian cinema.

So far, sites signed up to participate include:
...So They Dance
Apni East India Company
Bollywood Deewana
Bollywood Fan Girl
Bollywood Food Club
Bollywood Movie Fashion
Choti Rani
Cindy's Bollyblog
Die Danger Die Die Kill!
Doc Bollywood
Everyday Gyaan
The Fabulous Empire of Pitu Sultan
A Fairy Filmi Ending
Filmi Girl
Gone Krazy Back Soon/Lyriks I Like
Hmong Chick Who Loves Indian Cinema
In Praise of All Things Dharmendra-Related
Memsaab Story
Old Is Gold
Pedro the Ape Bomb
Roti Kapada aur Rum
Samrat Sharma
Shahrukh Is Love
Think Tank or Kant Think
The Toil of All That Be Helps Not the Primal Thought

Totally Filmi
V Love Movies

I hope there will be more! Drop me a note if you want to play and I'll add you to the list. (There are no formal rules: just post about 70s stuff on your own site as you normally do. I'm aiming for one post per day, but you certainly don't have to.) Additionally, I hope twitter-users will announce their posts by using the hashtag #70sweek to make them easy to find. I see no reason not to include tweets in this, so by all means please do play 140 characters at a time too!

Aside: no, my 70s week posts will not all be about Shashi. I have to save something for Shashi Week 2010, after all (starting March 15, by the way)!


Rum said…
Hey I need to spread my love of the decade I shoulda been Helen dancing in! Count me in!
veracious said…
I don't know about my schedules next week but hmm I'll do my best to participate :D
Shalini said…
Ooh, can I contribute via You Tube? I'll happily post some of my favorite 70s songs on my channel.
Yay! And Shalini, yes yes, what a great idea! Send me a linke!
Todd said…
Note that I am also participating, in addition to providing pithy quotes. Looking forward to reading everyone's posts!
NAHIIIIN worst oversight ever! So sorry! And duly fixed.
Todd said…
Thanks! I just wanted to be part of the gang.
Kanan said…
Beth, I'd love to join. I haven't watched that much stuff from the 70s so may be this would be my chance to catch up. No clue about twitter either... I feel so lost and outdated. :|
Unknown said…
I like your typo on the title of my blog so much, I might just change it officially.


It speaks to the sarcastic quality of my personality.

Cindy said…
I've been really busy recently, but I'll try to post at least once. What better reason to resurrect a mostly-dead blog than 70s masala?
Anonymous said…
Count me in!
All the best!
Raja said…
Hi Beth, this should be good fun. I grew up in the 70s and have very fond memories and reasonable knowledge of movies and music that I grew up with. Will try to put together something on my blog in the week of Feb 22 as part of this 70s-special.
Amrita said…
Hooray for 70s love! Monday it is!
Anarchivist said…
"Carefully curated" -- ha ha!
2020 said…
Beth, what a brilliant idea. Don;t know if I can manage a post a day next week but I'll do a 70s post and link to here.
Pitu said…
Beth, I did mine and cannot figure out how to link to it below like others have. Help pls?
I'm late as i've been away from the blogosphere, seems i returned just on time, count me in for the '70s week.
we're a fashion blog and we're participating as well

here's our first one
Anonymous said…
I probably won't be able to post every day but I'd like to join in :)
Anonymous said…
I think it's an awesome idea. So many nostalgic snapshots come to mind but I'm not sure if/when I will get around to it. But if I will, I'll surely let you know!
Michael Barnum said…
Beth, wasn't sure I could participate due to a what I thought would be a very busy week...but having been sidelined by a sore throat, I am home for a few days and posting away! Sign up Pedro (the Ape Bomb) for 70s week!

If only Pedro's career had lasted into swingin' 70s, imaging the possiblities.

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