I'll have what they're having.

This picture captures a significant reason I love 1970s Hindi cinema so much: funky, spunky ladies having a great time.

(Rajnigandha, 1974 [the year of my birth - clearly not a coincidence] from V Love Movies)
Okay, I haven't seen this movie so I don't actually know what's going on, but just as an isolated moment, this looks so wonderful. They're stylish, they're having a blast, they're probably on some kind of adventure or zany project, they're out in the open, going somewhere together, smiling and free. Love!


Kanan said…
I adore the sunglasses and I want a pair right now. Same with the saaris - they look so simple and light-weight.

Semes like most of us are 70s kids. :)
roswitha said…
Thank you, Beth - A+ image. Could I also ask where the stunning Rishi-Shashi tumbs up header is from [and whether you might by any chance have an un-PS'ed still that you could share], please?
Kanan - I know, right? SQUEEEE!

roswitha - Hey I love your blog! Thanks for commenting :) That great picture is from Kabhi Kabhie and I'm sure I do have such a picture. Email me (address is in the nav bar on the right). :)
Anonymous said…
I found the film itself dull dull dull---but the outfits and especially the sheer volume of oversized superfly sunglasses compelled me to sit all the way through it. They were FAB.

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