from knitwear to neckwear

Other writers are analyzing films (both individually in-depth and comparatively), stars, music, and visual representations of movie culture. Today I offer only humble picspam, but I promise that it is at least carefully selected and arranged on the page. Boas and patterned scarves, wide neckties and huge bow ties, exuberant collars and ruffles, necklaces of fantastical beads and baubles, medallions, cravats, and the neckerchiefs, oh sweet Helen the neckerchiefs!

Tie one on, people. Tie one on!


veracious said…
Oh, fab collection. The first fluffy boa picture is a killer.
Anonymous said…
AIEEEEEEEEEEE @ Shashi! How can a man be so pwetty? Deelish! The res of them, including the women, are clearly poseurs.

And what is that pic of him with Jennifer and Helen? So lovely!

Moar please!
Shalini said…
Fabulous! I'm going to have a silly grin on my face for the rest of the day.

And am I the only one who thinks Zeenat and Vinod could play each other's double?
Anonymous said…

*wipes tears of awe and joy from eyes*
Anonymous said…
VaY! Gotta run to get somthing to decorate my neck now. Inspiring. Thanks for posting these.
All the best!
veracious - Yay! Glad you like. I love that one of Sharmilla too - when I found it, I KNEW it had to go in first place :)

indiequill - SO PRETTY. But: apart from Satyam Shivam Sundaram, are we certain he actually HAS a neck? Clearly we never see it! He is always in a button-up shirt with tie or neckerchief! Also, does Shashi ever wear turtlenecks? My collection indicates "no." Though maybe when playing a chor or bad-ass cop? Hmm. But yes, there is much beautiful Shashi, accentuated by so many, many jaunty patterns!

Believe it or not I do have moar and will post many for Shashi Week, I'm sure.

Shalini - Yay! Then my work here is done :)

I'm not sure about Zeenat and Vinod but I think that movie should get made RIGHT NOW.

memsaab - Yay!!!

Sita-ji - ME TOO! I feel so boooooring and drab.
queen's said…
amazing collection i must say
Anonymous said…
Love this!
Anarchivist said…
Holy Freaking Mother of Scarves! Beyond awesome. ENTWINED in awesome!
Bollyviewer said…
So much fabulousness that not all the squees in the world can encompass it - though I will try. SQUEEEE :-D

PS: my word verification is "rewed" - wonder if that means a re-wedding to any one of these fabulous scarf-necks! ;-)
2020 said…
Wow Beth, what a great collection of 70s fashion. And that hair! Rishi and Shashi look particularly Lord Fauntleroy with those curls.
visible... said…
wonderful collections ...
My fav movies in this collection

Shellie said…
Fantastic! I've never seen such a glorious dislay of silk and polyester in one place!

*drools* over incredibly handsome pics of Shashi!
a lot of work clearly went into this, the lady in the picture with Shashi and Helen really reminds me of Agnetha from Abba
The lady with Shashi and Helen is Jennifer Kendal (Shashi's wife)! This is right before the delightful "Typewriter Tip Tip Tip" number in Bombay Talkie.

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