70s week boring administrative stuff

With more than 20 people participating, it's tricky to corral all the 70s goodness that's going on! I am tagging all of the posts I find/know of in del.icio.us here, which is a publicly accessible link that anyone can read. If you're on twitter and want to make your posts known, tweet a link to your 70s posts and use the #70sweek hashtag (which has the additional bonus of making all the tweeted 70s-related fun available by running a search for that tag like so). I will add to the del.icio.us location all the links I hear about via twitter, email...heck, if you have my number, you can even call me. I do hope to go trolling around to find links on my own throughout the week, but, you know, day job and all....

V Love Movies, who is a proper graphic designer in addition to running two swell blogs, has designed a badge for all to use! Groovy!


Anonymous said…
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Now there's a badge I will happily use! Thanks V!
Anonymous said…
PS - thanks for all the effort you're putting in Bethy! Mwah!
Kanan said…
Yippiee! I just published my post. I'll be mostly behind as I'm on PDT. I <3 the badge and I just updated my page with the badge. :)
Thanks all for the fun.. now I'm going to go read all the posts.
theBollywoodFan said…
Hi Beth! Really like the idea, am going to have to recycle an old but relevant post since it's surely better than not participating altogether. :) Cheers.

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