Wake Up Sid

After watching the endearing Wake Up Sid on netflix instant at almost exactly the same time (and tweeting about it as well), Filmi Girl, Bollyspice editor Stacey Yount, and I continued the internet-y nature of our viewing with a post-film chat. You can read an edited version of our conversation in our joint review at Bollyspice here. And by "edited" I mean "I deleted most of the 'squeeeeee!' and detours about why Akshaye's dolphin song in Dil Chahta Hai is so lame or whether Neil Nitin Mukesh is cut out for real masala."


Ness said…
oh but see...now I really want to know your thoughts on why Akshaye's dolphin song in Dil Chahta Hai is so lame (though I am not sure I will agree lol, I love that part) and whether Neil Nitin Mukesh is cut out for real masala!
Sal said…
OMG I watched it on Netflix Instant too, and I was pleasantly surprised; it's one of my fave films of last year, and from one of my fave genres - "films where nothing really happens but there's lots of conversation and character development and little touches". Okay, I know that might not be an acknowledged genre per se, but you get the picture.
Dee said…
Somehow, Beth, this movie irritated me a little bit. Mostly because, like you guys touched upon, the finding dream and career struggle bits are resolved too easily, both for Aisha and Sid.

I live in Mumbai myself, and the house that Aisha rents - no way she could do that on the strength of an interview and not even a fixed job. Keep in mind Mumbai has real estate prices that rival NYC and Tokyo!

I guess what bugged me is that I see myself and many people around me trying to find their feet in terms of career, and this movie really trivialized that search.
Dee said…
And we DO want to know if Neil Nitin is cut out for masala! Please tell, no? :)
Ha! The people have spoken. So:
- The dolphin song is lame because it looks like the middle-school-aged daughter on a cheezoid US "family-friendly" sitcom designed it and then let all her like-minded friends add their two cents. In other words, not only is it cheesy, it does not suit the character. However, it does mean that both Akshaye and his dad have love songs with bubbles in them, and that pleases me greatly. Now if only Rahul Khanna had one....
- I have only seen NNM in one film (Johnny Gadddar and based on that, my answer is "maybe"; Filmi Girl's opinion was decidedly "no."

Sal - First, I love the title of your blog! Second, I agree that this is a great example of that type - and that it should indeed be a genre!

Dee - I can see that. I have been similarly annoyed at US tv shows and movies that have this same basic story, I suspect because I understand the flaws in those characters' supposed realities much more fluently than I do those of characters set in Mumbai. This film does gloss the profession/career/function society aspect of what lots of 20somethings deal with; I think it was much stronger and more moving in the personal aspects.
Filmi Girl said…
Yes, I've seen NNM in a handful of films now and based on his mediocre performance in Aa Dekhen Zara, I would have to say no way.

I have zero interest in Jail but it's probably the type of vehicle he's better suited for. The boy can't dance, cry on command, or exude the roguish charm of the Masala Hero.
Shalini said…
I know this is an extremely unoriginal observation, but that Ranbir Kapoor, did he get the worst end of Rishi and Neetu's genes or what?! I think he should ask for a refund from his parents.

FG - I kinda hope that he has these abilities but they're still in a latent stage - maybe suppressed by all the muscle bulge? - and they will emerge, gloriously, a bit later. But I won't hold my breath.

Shalini - I'm actually going to give you originality points because I haven't heard anyone else say that and I'm very glad to know I'm not the only one not going SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZOMGCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE about Ranbir all the time. I think he was adorable as Sid but he does nothing for me in still images or in Saawariya. Every time I look at him, I think of Neetu in drag. Usually being reminded of Neetu is a good thing, but not so much if you're the hero, probably. I was also looking at an article that had a picture of him next to one of Kareena and I kept thinking how much more Kapoory she looks.

Aaaand now that I re-read your comment, I realize you are not necessarily talking about looks alone, though that was my assumption :) Whoops! Talent-wise, I think he has no grounds for complaint :)
Ness said…
Hahah Beth, I don't know what this says about me, but the reason you think the dolphin song is lame is PRECISELY why I love it. It's SO CHEESY. (Oh except yeah, I agree, it doesn't suit the character but that kind of makes the cheese factor so much more awesome for me - what can i say - I am sick).
B.H.Harsh said…
Its one of the fewer films last year I couldnt understand the brilliance of. :)

Never really made me feel the problems, and solved them too easily towards the end.
Perhaps the director will say that was his very intention, but sorry.. he failed to convince me.

As far as Ranbir goes. He is the next best thing for our Cinema. Period!
Ness - I think it says "To each their own!", no more, no less :) I like cheese too; this song is just not my particular type, or a least does not employ it in a way that appeals to me. Bollywood-watching has taught me a LOT about my tastes in cheese.
Harsh - I know that feeling - there are many films I think "REALLY???"about. I'm looking forward to seeing Rocket Singh - everyone says such good things!
rathchakra said…
Hi Beth - Love your blog...commenting for the first time. Am a fellow bollywood maniac (who isn't?) BTW, are any of you guys in the DC area (I am) and would love to put together a group of Bollywood lovers and organize group movie watching/discussions etc (unless there already is one and if so please oh please let me know).

Rathchakra - Hi hi! Thanks for commenting :) You need to contact Filmi Girl at filmigirl.blogspot.com - she's in that area and I bet could tell you what else is going on.
rathchakra said…
Will do, thanks Beth.

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