Striker watchalong!

Because watchalongs (or "chat cinema," if you're one of the swarm of German-speaking fans) are always mega-fun and because I want to do everything I can to encourage good digital access to and distribution of Indian films, a few of us on twitter got together to organize a massive watchalong of Striker next Sunday, February 7, at 12 noon CST (that's 1:00 pm for North America EST, 18:00 for the UK, 19:00 for Europe, etc). From the sources I've been able to locate, like this article on, Striker will release digitally worldwide from Studio 18's youtube channel as it opens in cinemas in India. Subtitled versions will be available free most places; US viewers will be charged $5. A very, very reasonable price for a legal, high-quality, timely feature film, I say! Let's let filmmakers and distributors know they can count on us to compensate them for good stuff!

To join in, send me your google chat ID. If someone knows of a very easy-to-use chat room or something like that, let me know - that could work even better. If I can find out more information about how the youtube release works, I'll post it here. I recommend staying tuned to Siddharth's twitter feed.

If the thought of watching along with a merry international crew of bloggers doesn't tempt you, how about noting that Siddharth seemed to hint on twitter that he might join in (in addition to approving of the idea)?


ajnabi said…
Squeeeeeee! I'm so excited! :-) I agree with you, Beth... Even if there *was* a desi theater nearby I would go see the film there and then join the watchalong, just to encourage legal distribution via electronic methods. As it is, though, I'm just glad I get to see it over the release weekend.
Ness said…
A watchalong sounds like the MOST fun but sadly due to the time difference...I think it's gonna be impossible for me (it'll be EARLY Monday morning here, plus I have to go to work lol). But yay for it being on Youtube - I will get to see it at least!
Liz C said…
I'm totally in! Stupid question: what's the google chat ID? is it the name that pops up in the Google talk window? is it my gmail account name?
Ajnabi - Ditto!

Ness - I think Australia and NZ ought to organize your own watchalong - there are so many of you! The timing is so annoying - I wish we could stop the earth spinning for a few hours :)

Liz C - Yay! Yep, your google chat id should be the same as your gmail account.
grrlpretty said…
If I can get the darn laptop to do more than one thing at once (right now I don't think it can handle chat AND streaming), then count me in. This sounds like a blast! And, I finally get to watch a movie with YOU!

BTW, will probably catch MNIK in Indianapolis on opening weekend. How far are you from there?
Looking forward to the watchalong, although my contributions will probbably be: "omg!" "lol" "wtf" "aww"

Maybe we could use Google docs or Wave as a sort of chat room?
Anonymous said…
Yayness! I'm totally in. Send you the google chat id by email?
Anonymous said…
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