Get it while it's hot: Oye Lucky Lucky Oye is on Netflix instant!

Service announcement: if you are a Netflix user and haven't seen Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, run, don't walk, and watch it this very minute! I can't say enough good things about it and happily rank it my favorite film of 2008. The ever-changing list of Indian movies Netflix makes available for streaming is fascinating - who chooses? and why do things suddenly disappear off the list? Just as I was making time to watch Aamne Samne after Fairy Filmi Ending told me it was available, it was gone! Also available as of this very moment: Swades, Bluffmaster, Khosla Ka Ghosla, and Monsoon Wedding. Me, I'm going to re-watch Race just for some quality Akshaye and Saif scowling time and the cringe-worthy use of the Confederate flag in a cowboy dance number. Yippee!


JR said…
Oh...I think I have this on DVD. I started watching it, and subtitles were in green, so I stopped.
Green! That's a new one! I just had a peek at my screenshots and my subs were white, fortunately. I had some translucent ones the other day that were a real pain to read.
Temple said…
I loved this movie - great fun, well constructed, bonus points for fluffy mini dog, and even though it has a Deol (normally a Sign Of Worse to Come), great acting.
Liz C said…
Bummer about Aamne Samne--I had that in my instant watch queue (with 20+ other oldies), and suddenly this weekend, they pulled them. (Maybe a change in the licensing deal, or maybe it was just for 2009?) Maybe I'll go rewatch Oye Lucky..
Unknown said…
Oooh! I'm home post surgery (no big deal, in and out in a day sort of thing) for two weeks, and these should keep me occupied.
Leena said…
ooh, somehow missed this one - will have to check it out!

LOL @ confederate flag in race. whyyy does bollywood use unknown paraphernalia without proper consultation. that reminds me, i need to figure out how to get into the subtitling business. the subtitles in race are like "wow."
Tempsie - YES!!! And there is even that great line about the fluffy mini dog: "English-speaking dog, sir. Very posh."

Later we must discuss your apparent lack of faith in Dharmendra.

Liz - I know! I was so surprised.

jensc00t - Hope you feel better soon - but only after sufficient film-watching time, of course. If you need healing presents from the blogosphere, say the word :)

Leena - Do do! And let me know how you like it!

That flag. A friend in Germany told me that there too the confederate flag pops up when people mean "country-western" or "cowboy." I guess people just don't know. Which is fine - I don't expect everyone else in the world to know that, but it's just SO wrong (offensive, dangerous, skinhead, racist, etc.) to our eyes.

If you ever figure out who runs the subtitling business, please give them my card so I can offer my proofreading services. Also let them know that green and/or translucent subtitles are not acceptable. And that English subtitles of English dialogue should, oh, I don't know, BE THE SAME. ;)
Anonymous said…
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Pitu said…
oooh so that's wot netflix has been doing- randomly pulling instant view movies! i was wondering about why some movies i thot were on instant weren't anymore!

i LOVE their instant viewer tho, such a grt way to check out an iffy film w/o going thru the whole have it mailed-watch it-remove it unfinished-mail it-wait for them to get it nonsense :D I saw Sara Akash last week- very cool and different. give it a shot.
Shellie said…
I never get this one much thought, but best of 2008? Could elevate my interest in Abhay, despite all the rumours of his diva behavior on sets. I guess I'll have to add it in and give him a shot.
Unknown said…
Oooh ohh Monsoon Wedding.
I hadn't noticed the pulling of watch instantly until you brought it to my attention. A lot of Madhubala ones I was saving up suddenly disapeared this weekend too! Super bummer! :(

And I'm totally watching OLLO this weekend! Hurrah!
Sizzlingtree said…
Kurbaan is on the instant Q as well. Thought you might want to know.
bermucio said…
Here's a list of all of those unmentioned that are currently in my instant watch queue:

Wake up Sid
What's Your Raashee
Main aur Mrs. Khanna
Dhana Dhana Dhan Goal
The Blue Umbrella
Delhi 6
Life in a ... Metro
Rang de Basanti
A Wednesday
Jodha Akbar
Mumbai Meri Jaan
A Peck on the Cheek (Mani Ratnam Tamil Film)
Kismat Konnection
Welcome to Sajjanpur
Mixed Doubles
Humko Deewana Kar Gaye
Dhoondte Reh Jaoge
White Rainbow
Pati Patni
Mahanagar (Satyajit Ray)
Dilli Ka Thug

I thought I would post everything since there's no real way to search netflix exclusively for Hindi movies available instantly.

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