My first Secret Santa present!

My Santa is off with a bang!


Amrita said…
Favorite. Scene. Ever.

Take me, Shashi, take me! I won't sing of some mopey dope while being embraced by your hotness!
Amen to that. A twitter friend just watched Kabhi Kabhie and admitted as she began that it was her first Shashi film. A few hours later she posted "oh. my. god. I think I've been Shashified.I get IT!! I can't breathe when he's on screen! eeeee!"
Clearly she has in fact been Shashified. Lack of breathing is Stage 1.
bollyviewer said…
OOOOO thats one nice Santa! :-)

Amrita, Rakhee is probably mopey because she knows of Shashi's prozac abuse and is dreading having to face his extreme cheerfulness in the morning? Not that would ever faze ME, but then I would NEVER fall for AB (especially when he sings in Mukhesh's voice), in the first place! ;-)
Unknown said…
Hey look! That Shashified comment was ME! It's popping up all over the place! :)

I keep watching this scene over and over and over and over.


I like the extreme cheerfulness. More people should be like that in the morning, but double plus if you just hit the gold mine as far as arranged marriages are concerned.

Obviously your Santa rocks!
San said…
ha love it ..
Anarchivist said…
Mrrrr-OW! I think the steam is rising off my computer screen just looking at this picture.
bollyviewer - I like cheerfulness in the morning! Sign me up!

Erin - You will be famous for that line! I liked Shashi a lot before having seen this movie, but this particular scene made me just staaaaaaaaaare. You should watch Sharmilee as well for an earlier incarnation of it (also with Rakhee - hmm, maybe that's why she's my favorite pair for him).

San - :) And I love the first thing you got from your Santa! The last time I watched Taal (which I love), I had to go through that song very carefully to find him.

Anarchavist - Hee! I think it's going to be a GREAT week.
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Anarchivist said…
I just helped someone at the library find "Kabhi Kabhie" on the shelf (the Reference librarian was a little thrown by the spelling). It was hard to resist the urge to editorialize: "Oooohh, Shashi-melty!"

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