this week's Cha Cha Cha! Bahut Accha! Award: under the sea edition

Thanks as ever to alert reader Temple, finder of all things groovy. This is one of those hubris-decimating moments: just when you think you've seen it all, it proves to you that you really, really haven't. In honor of Temple, I issue a Beverage Warning: if you're drinking something, for your own safety, swallow it first.

("Jhatke Pe Jhatka," I think from Khoj, 1989)

VPL! Bubbles! Leering! Ships! Fountains! An inappropriately placed hose! Wow.


E granada said…
That's hilarious! I think the wardrobe dept should've re-thought Rishi Kapoor's ultra-short white pants there... And around all that water..
Anarchivist said…
Only Rishi would frolic undersea, among giant clam shells no less, whilst wearing a long-sleeved sweater.

I'm equally fascinated by the split-second shot of the creepy little girl at the end of the clip. Maybe she isn't creepy in context, but right there, she gives me the willies...

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