next up: Chori Mera Kaam

I've had the DVD over a year but just hadn't gotten around to watching it yet.

A grave oversight, clearly.


omg this pic, and the Bloh Header pic are both SO cute! im smiling like a fool :)
Anonymous said…
Pardon, is my drool showing?
Bollyviewer said…
Certainly a very grave oversight. Well... better late than never.
Shellie said…
My appreciation for Shashi is growing.....
I'm heading soon to the video store and want to get some great Shashi films. Any suggestions? I'm having a hard time stumbling through his 100+ films on imdb.
Shweta - Shashi makes me do and feel all manner of foolish things, so I totally empathize. Which header did you get?

indieqill - Dunno about yours, but mine sure is. Maybe we should investigate the relationship between movie star-inspired drool and monsoons/significant bodies of water?

Bollyviewer - I don't know how it happened! Shame on me. What I lack in promptness I will make up for in enthusiasm, though.

Shell - Oh definitely! Some of my favorites are Kaalaa Patthar or SHarmilee (if you're feeling masala-y), Pyaar Kiye Jaa (for 60s mod cheer), Junoon or Kalyug for more art-house type fare, or Shakespeare-Wallah for English-language. Amrita also did a great list of her favorites here:

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