this week's Cha Cha Cha! Bahut Accha! Award: aluminum foil-coated moves of vengeance

From Die Danger Die Die Kill's write up of Hunterwali (Pakistan, 1988), featuring the clearly awesome Anjuman.
Plus sparklers! Please note her menacing chomp at 3:32.

Related: the equally awesome Leslie Hall's "This Is How We Go Out."

This is how we roll in the small-city midwest. Holla!


Anonymous said…
I started watching the equally cracktastic Lollywood extravaganza known as "Haseena Atom Bomb" (pronounced "Bump") last evening. Just so someone out there knows, in case I don't survive (yes, Todd is to blame).
I was about to say, isn't Todd ALWAYS to blame?
Ava said…

All those mutton biryanis didnt go waste.

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