brotherly/colleague-y love, Shashitabh-ishtyle

Amitabh has written about his long relationship with Shashi in his blog here. Read it and just try to resist saying "Awwww" to yourself: "forever he remained that same cultured, well meaning, soft spoken, fun loving colleague." It's a very dear, multi-decade story, and it has made me like the Big B more as a person/persona than any other statement I've heard/read him make. My own sentiments aside, he is of course uniquely qualified to talk about Shashi, and though he doesn't go in to much detail about Shashi as an actor or about their collaborative process - like there could ever be enough detail on those points! - it's a lovely little portrait of Masala Pradesh's Jodi No. 1 that no one else could share. Awwww!


ajnabi said…
I thought that post was super-sweet. Shashitabh 4eva! ;-)
Anonymous said…
Dammit, do I have to like his blog now?

Oh Shashi! The things you make me do.

PS - so sad about him losing his best friend and not being able to get over Jennifer Kendall's death. Is it wrong that the first thing that came to my mind after reading that bit was - "well, I guess this means he won't want to meet us". Yes, I am that fan.
Bollyviewer said…
Awwww indeed! I actually read the darned blog post - the things I do for Shashi!!!!!
Rum said…
All the love i thought they had on screen was also off screen too! Masala Pradesh does approve!
Anonymous said…
That's really nice :) I loved his post about Hrishikesh Mukherjee too.
Anonymous said…
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Sanket Vyas said…
Thanks so much Beth for posting about this. You could always tell that there was a camaraderie between the two that went beyond what they showed on screen. Shashi is just the man, nothing more to say.
Anonymous said…
"Forever he remained that same cultured, well meaning, soft spoken, fun loving colleague."

What a cool description of SK. The first movie I saw him in was Silsila, I think.

Thanks for posting this!
It's just sooooo endearing! And Rum, yes, well put! The pyaaaaar knows no bounds!

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