Subtitle contest!

Who wants to take a crack at this gem from Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare?


"Baby i have a hair emergency-my curls are flat!!!! Pls lets drive to the store and get one! even a little one would do- the new ones are only THIS big!!!!"
Rum said…
if i may act like an 18 year old i'd say "Ohh Nanda will u take ride on my disco stick which is this long?" HEHEHEHEHEHEHe - END of immature subtitle from immature blogger!
JJC said…
i cant; my mind i just too pervyy
I second Rum's.

Or maybe I would just have it say, "PPLLIIIIIIZZZZZZ."
Dee said…
perverts, all of you! it's obvious he's just doing a lame-ass version of bhangra!
gebruss said…
"That much space, there was that much space between this and the other car. And now look what you did?"
Sujoy said…
1.Ek aur ek gyarah..LOL.

2.quote: Amar Akbar Anthony

Ek..ek se bhale ..Do

3. dirty one, shhhh

4. if u don't look at me Nanda, I will tickle you!! I am serious.
Shellie said…
I once caught a fish and he was thisssss long!
memsaab said…
I'm too jealous that you have this movie :( *sad*

Bring me this one too in May! Have been dying to see it.
Debojit said…
Really, fun, lines lol...great one, Beth.
Go out with me, and my love for you will grow this much
bollyviewer said…
When will your waist be this big? WHEN?
theBollywoodFan said…
"Okay, I know the sun's up and all, but you *know* you suffer from hypothermia, correct?"

Silent Melody said…
"Kya tum mujhe bas itna hi pyaar karti ho?"...or "Do you love me only this much?" in hinglish
Temple said…
"By any standard you like, I think you have to admit I am above average..."
Beth - bad girl. You know we can't keep it family friendly
Vah vah everyone! So creative!

I have to say, my favorite so far is Dee's statement of it being "lame-ass" bhangra! So unexpected! If anyone can find video evidence of Shashi doing filmi bhangra (I can't think of anything other than the park song from Suhaag), we can compare.

They're all brilliant, though!
Anonymous said…
"Please believe me--a triangle doesn't have two right angles."
Amey said…
"Hum bolega to bologe ke bolta hai
hum bolega to bologe ke bolta hai
ek memsaab hai saath mein saab bhi hai
ek memsaab hai saath mein saab bhi hai...

Oops, forgot my finger puppets again"
Sanket Vyas said…
"And that's WITH shrinkage" (my apologies to 'Seinfeld';)
_nilanjana_ said…
Hit me baby, two more times. (Please!)
Very funny title.Anyway Sashi is looking very cute...ummmmm.

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