Shashi Week: our dil goes mmm....

Enough chatter. Zeenat is ready for a Saturday pyaar party.

How you doin'?


Anonymous said…
Are you equating Shashi with Joey?!!! You wouldnt do that. Right? (Not even when he has Joey's expression down pat.)

FAB post. My dil certainly goes mmm... after seeing this. :-)
veracious said…
Highly approve of the last screencap.
Anarchivist said…
This reminds me of one of my favorite Shashi moments ever (well, so far, and apart from the bunnies): in "Kabhi Kabhie," the heroine is in the classic dilemna, forbidden to marry the man she loves, forced to marry another! But then comes the wedding night, and she's like, "Hey, but they're marrying me off to SHASHI. I think I can make the best of this."
bollyviewer - Joey is as Joey does :) But CLEARLY if the Kapoor brothers were cast in Friends, Shammi would be Joey, Raj would be mopey Ross, and Shashi, who can be very dry and droll, is Chandler. YESSS!

veracious - Somehow in all my riffling through my screencaps this week, I'd never noticed that one before. It had to be included!

Anarchvaist - Yes, that's one of my favorites too, even though I know I'm projecting my prior knowledge of Shashi role types on to poor Rakhee's basically unknown situation. But yeah, I love how she seems quite anxious on wedding night and in the morning she's just as happy as he is. The third-from-bottom photo of them is from that morning. I love that they're having fun, it's just so cute. I did have some screen caps of the night before, but despite him looking 110% scrumptious and romantic, she looks so unhappy that it just seemed creepy to include them on a post about luuuurve.
Rum said…
I think i just went squeeeeee!
Anonymous said…
ohh to find a man like shashi...
filmyink said…
Hi Beth,

i have recently discovered myself as a fan of shashi kapoor; i see u have the same obsession :).can u help me find the movie ' New Delhi Times '
online ; i would be very great ful.
so long.... in shashi mood and liciousnesss....

vidya venna
themuse - No idea - sorry to disappoint! I look forward to seeing that one too.

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