Shashi Week: lifetime achievement award

How wonderful to have actual news for Shashi Week: The Times of India has reported that Shashi Kapoor was given a lifetime achievement award from the Bimal Roy Memorial and Film Society last week! Their website seems to be a little out of date, but it sounds like an interesting organization that does good work for film history and thought, and they have some great archival photos of various stars available here, like this one.

With young Kunal and Karan. Awwww! (Photo courtesy of the Bimal Roy Memorial.)


The kids are adorable- and there is a crazy resemblance to the adults they became! And Papa Shahsi looks hansomer than ever! Stopping the gush- Thanks for the site- running there.
Anonymous said…
O that is such a cute picture! That website is a really good find - so many rare and beautiful photos. And yay for Shashi-award!!!
Anonymous said…
I love old photos like these, thanks :)
Michael Barnum said…
I have yet to feel the love for Shashi, but only because I have seen so few of his movies...I plan to rectify that soon (I am certain I have some of his films in my to watch stacks of dvds)

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