Shashi Week: emotional attyaachaar

By request from Memsaab (but I know the emo sadists among you will take special glee in it too): a post on Shashi's facial expressions in moments of bad news, disappointment, heartbreak, confusion, anxiety, grief, shock, horror, and/or general breakdown.

This one is from Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati assembled by Memsaab herself.

"We met ten minutes ago but you don't love me yet?" befuddlement in Aa Gale Lag Jaa.

Getting big news...

and losing his professional grip in Amar Shakti.

Identity-shaking drama in Kalyug.

Agonizing over the right thing in Kaalaa Patthar and Imaan Dharam.

Trauma-drama-o-rama in Bombay Talkie.

Guilt and sadness in Raja Saab.

To be honest, I'm not sure what he's doing here in Chor Sipahee; the filename has "Maa" in it, so maybe he's talking about his mother? Even if he isn't, he certainly could be. Poor, long-lost Maa.

Check out these subtitles from Sharmeelee: "Like my destiny shied away, I am shying away from myself. I pray I get so drunk that I never return to my senses." Nahiiiiin! Shashiiiiiiii!

Shankar Dada: lost Maa, lost father, lost brother, the crushing soullessness of a life of crime, take your pick.

Pyaar ka Mausam. Do everyone's eyebrows do this, or is it a special talent? I'm so Shashified this week that I've lost track of normal life altogether.

Big-eyed surprise in Kabhi Kabhie.

So put-upon by the lunacy of Suhaag.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram Psychosis.

To finish: some selections from Waqt. The shame of an honest day's work!

The urgency of half-orphaned baby brother's sick Maa!

And my personal favorite, "The Gita Freakout" on the witness stand.

It's the book to the head that cinches it. And please note he's emoting so hard that his hair has started to break free from its mid-60s standard matinee star wave! Now that is acting. Acting!

Related note: if there's one thing a Kapoor should be able to do convincingly, it's act drunk, right? So how do we rate Shashi's drunking in Do aur Do Paanch?

If that didn't squish your dil, I don't know what will. Zero to attyaachaar in ten seconds flat, zindabad!


Anonymous said…
You werent joking about creative challenges, were you? Cant wait for what your inventiveness is going to bring forth next! How bout a collage of his re-union scenes - the MAAA!! MAAA!!! and BHAI? BHAI!!! ones? lol

PS: Its re-assuring to know that I'm not the only one with an ever-growing pile of Shashi-caps!
gebruss said…
About the Chor Sipahee one; I think, but I am not entirely sure that that is the seen where his recently acquired mother-figure challenges him about his life of crime.

You are not the only one with a Shashi-filled brain, it seems. I do love all your themed screen-cap overviews.
This is some serious dedication right here, definitely Shashilicious, i've not really been a big fan but i'm tempted to check out more of his work
Anarchivist said…
Too funny. Seriously -- way too funny. My stomach actually hurts. You and Shashi are menaces. But of course, in the best possible way.
Anonymous said…
*Claps hands with glee* Thank you Beth!!!!

He's the actor version of a Ferrari that goes from 0-60 in less than a second. Shashi zindabad!
bollyviewer - I wasn't! I love creative challenges! I hope Friday's does not disappoint :) But the weekend is WIDE OPEN - seriously, send me suggestions! (Though you already did, didn't you? Waqt and Neend Humari Khwab Tumari?)

My collection is absurd, even at only 40 films or so, and I even had to move some of them to a different hard drive, which is why there are no pictures of Shaan or Junoon, even though undoubtedly there are excellent scenes in the latter. Though maybe not, since he doesn't do the masala-level of rubber-face in it.

gebruss - I think that's probably right. I need to watch it again and find out. What a good movie!

Glad you like them - there's at least one more coming.

bollywooddeewana - Heehee! Yay! I hope you try some more of his films - and if you need suggestions, there are lots of people here to help out. If you like parallel cinema, I would send you straight to Junoon or Shakespeare-Wallah. If you want something masala but not too silly, try Kaalaa Patthar.

Anarchavist - Yay! Epic win! :)

memsaab - You're welcome! I'm so glad you encouraged me to do it. More of these will unfold as I watch films with an eye towards capturing them - there are probably many notable examples in the movies I've already seen but I didn't get images.

Shashi zindabad!
dunkdaft said…
What a post:) excellent. I am loving this fest.
Pitu said…
Amazing! I am having soooooooooo much fun in Shashi Week!!
This made my day, and my week is made anyways with the Shashness. lovely!

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