Shashi Week: beloved bouncy songs from Apni East India Company and Beth Loves Bollywood

Shweta did a great post on her favorite up Shashi songs, and they were all so fab and needed to be seen one after the other immediately in a celebratory dance break that I made a playlist and added a few of my own. Bounce on, Shashizens!


Anonymous said…
You included the Tu jungle ki morni song (yay!) - lurve it. But no Pyar to ek din? Its sooooo bouncy. And I love that he seems to be having a super time dancing in all the songs!
Oooh good one! It's been added :) (As has "Nain Milakar Chain Churana" from Aamne Samne.) That's the major thing I love about his dancing - as with most of his roles, he commits. I haven't seen much phoned-in Shashi dancing (or acting - excpet parts of Shaan). And how could a person NOT be having fun doing those? I have fun just looking at them! Wheeee!!!

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