Shashi Week: beards, mustaches, hats, and disguises

What says Friday better than wacky get-ups? From the mixed-up files of the Shashi Pradesh State Museum and Archives:
beards and mustaches (easing in with stubble),


and disguises - i.e. "all of the above"!

Best subtitle EVER. I'm packed and ready to go!


dunkdaft said…
I absolutely loved #2. The ciggie pic. which movie is that from?
gebruss said…
Oh, this is great. So much to look at. And so much facial hair, which I rather like.

He wasn't particular lukcy with knitwear though, was he?
Nicki said…
I love your Shashi dedication posts. You don't touch on one particular film but you go beyond that! Good job.
Darshit - It's from Shakespeare-Wallah, which is probably my favorite Shashi film.

gebruss - Yes! He's just been waiting for us to knit him things.

Nicki - :) Glad you're enjoying. I had thought I would have some standard posts on films, but it turns out I've been having so much fun with other ideas that they will just be left to the other 51 weeks of the year.
Anonymous said…
I'll knit something stylin' for him too :)

Lovely post. Lovely Shash! You can leave it to the rest of us to put up posts on individual films for Shashi Week! These are too much fun!
Rum said…
lovely post, the stubble of doom on Shashi looks very arty, but the mush makes him look sooo FINE!
Stella_1 said…
Oh so many Shashi's! Is this a dream come true? Thanks Beth!
I think I'll disguise myself as Kishore Kumar, and drive the sea-green 60s model Impala to wherever Shashi wants me to be. I will stop and get you and we can bring our disguise kits to him.

Anonymous said…
No Shashi, no disguise kit for you. Its a CRIME to disguise that face. But facial hair are allowed - once in a while.
Anonymous said…
Beth, love your Shashi Kapoor Tribute. You get around, an interview with Love Bollywood!

Bollywood movies energize me from my lethargy, you have more energy than a Bollywood movie.

from Bollywood_talk
Temple said…
hey Beth - what an excellent post! I really must try and track down a copy of Shankar Dada. I do enjoy a Shashi in disguise movie, maybe because I know that he knows that I know it's all just pretend.
Cindy said…
What an awesome collection of pictures. Wacky disguises are definitely part of why I love 70s Bollywood so much.
Memsaab - Yes! Bloggers Knitalong for Shashi '09! Or maybe '10, since it's probably already too hot for knitwear in Mumbai.

Rum - There are so many fine looks to choose from! I still prefer clean shaven, but I'm flexible ;)

Stella - Yes! Yes it is! And you can keep dreaming for two more days....


Bollyviewer - Bwa! Totally.

BOllywood_talk - Your comment has totally made my day - thank you so much!

Temple - Pause for a moment on that one - I have an iron in the fire re: that particular need.

I think Shashi knows that we know lots of things about his movies. That would explain his contented smiles and handsome calm when everyone around him is going masala bonkers. Well, sometimes. Sometimes he goes masala bonkers too, which is all the more reason to lurve him. He keeps us on our toes.

Cindy - Agreed, they are very, very wonderful and lovable. Your flirting collection was pretty dang awesome too!
yves said…
Hi Beth,
Your collection is amazing - and this is coming from an unconditional admirer of the other sex, who doesn't care a fig about Shashi kapoor...
thanks for the fun

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