Shashi Week 2009

In honor of his upcoming 71st birthday, I'm declaring this week, starting Monday March 16, SHASHI WEEK! I promise to have one Shashi-related post every day for a week. All like-minded citizens of Shashi Pradesh are invited to to do the same - or whatever Shashi-related projects strike their fancy! Special requests and creative challenges are also very welcome.


Filmi Girl said…
Hee! I'm early - I just watched Shaan! LOL!

I look forward to the Week 'O Shashi!

I will do my best to advance the appreciation of Shashi's hotness.

And OMG - where's the "wonderful" pic from? Satyam Shivam Sundaram. His HAIR is wonderful. And the Blues Bros. sunglasses + alc = classic.
Anonymous said…
Me too! More Shashi movies coming up on my blog soon... :-D

How bout a list of five or ten best Shashi movies/songs/dialogues/jodis?
dunkdaft said…
Loved the word 'Creative Challenges'

Only one request:

Produced/starred by himself.

Also I was going to request Jab Jab Phool Khile [my childhood favorite] But found that you already have reviewed it.
Pitu said…
Hoorayy!!!!!! I fell in love with him when I was 10 years old and saw 'Jab Jab Phool Khile'! *sigh*
Anonymous said…
Wonderful Beth!
Maybe I can get a post in under the wire for Shashi week. Got some great snaps from the Householder of fresh, young Shashi. I'll get to that after work. :)
All the best!

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