Everyone complains that big musical numbers are unrealistic, but watch how people react when one actually happens!


That right there? That's why I love Bollywood.*

* Well, one reason.


Unknown said…
Damn you Beth,

You just got me to cry at a T-mobile commercial! Okay, I'm an easy cry, but still!
Me too, Jen! I watched it three times at work. Go to the video about people's reactions - there's one at hte end that will get you for sure :)
Anonymous said…
They go one better on Bollywood - their co-ordinated dancing actually looks spontaneous! Lovely, lovely ad. :-)
omg- so absorbing- talk about manipulative advertising :D
Siddharth Soni said…
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Anonymous said…
Fabulous Beth, thanks for sharing :) Love your censor certificate header too!!!!!
dunkdaft said…
Wah !!!!

[to both...the video and your header]
ajnabi said…
That? Was SO FREAKING AWESOME. I totally cried too. Don't tell anyone but Teh Interwebs.
Anonymous said…
I love this one. It's like Improv Everywhere when they did Frozen Grand Central Station (http://improveverywhere.com/2008/01/31/frozen-grand-central/). I also loved their Food Court Musical.

bollyviewer - It really does! The way it grows is probably my favorite thing about it.

Shweta - Very! I've been pondering getting a new phone....

Mmemsaab - I should get Celi (Shahsi fan extraordinaire!)! credit - she had it up on facebook!

Darshit - Oooh, which header did you get?

Joyce - I've just heard about them and need to see!

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