another oopsie from Tashan

I like the movie, honestly I do, but this scene is AN ENGLISH LESSON.


Ebrahim kabir said…
Loved the Sashi week, but Tashan is one Bollywood trash. Lets not call it Trash, god know it does not deserve a mention here. :) Even though.. Beth Loves Bollywood.
eliza bennet said…
I love Tashan with all its flaws and Beth it is OK if you don't like it :)

If only bad subtitles were limited to very few Bollywood films instead of being the norm
ajnabi said…
Eh, that's pretty mild compared to "I just wanted to untie the family" in Main Hoon Na. Or "Beloved, let me glove you down," in Mauja Hi Mauja from Jab We Met. Hee. But I admit it made me LOL the first time I saw it.
Filmi Girl said…
@ Ebrahim, those are fighting words, my friend. Tashan is not a perfect movie but it's far from trash. Love Story 2050 on the other hand...

I've seen far worse subtitles! My favorite is when "his" and "her" are switched or when we have a TXT'er doing the subtitles giving us "Ur" and "U".

Unless Anil Kapoor's character is reading the subtitles, I don't think we have to worry too much about his English lesson. ;)
Pitu said…
Ugh, Tashan is indeed trash. Subtitles are so annoying, I never watch dvds with them on. The fact that I am forced to watch them in theaters in the US gets on my nerves :-( Also, why does Bebo look so sullen in this pic?

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