Huzzah! Sita Sings the Blues is available online!

Scurry over to PBS (WNET New York's "Reel 13") and watch Nina Paley's superwow animated film Sita Sings the Blues! "The Greatest Break-Up Story Ever Told" looks gorgeous, sounds delightful, and gives you a lot to think about.

From the official site. Images © Nina Paley 2008.
Some of my favorite parts: the discussant narrator puppets, musical Sita's hair, Hanuman's banana phone, the dancing moon and frogs, Laxman's tears, a peacock record player, and a riff very like Koi Mil Gaya's computer's "om" tones as a glittering Laxmi rises out of the waves in the opening credits.


I was lucky enough to watch a showing of this at the British Library (despite the problems with the playback of the DVD) and it was really great! I remember coming across Sita Sings the Blues when it was in its infancy and it was a pleasure to see the finished product. :)
Temple said…
Thanks Beth! You look after us so well...This was screened at a film festival here, but I couldn't go and there was only one session so I have been kicking myself ever since. This is so beautiful :) I will wait for the higher def release on & March and start my downloading engine.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this info - I plan to watch it later today.

I wrote about this film sometime back ( just based on a clip or two that I saw and some stuff I read, but I never got a chance to see it. Looking forward to it now!
tsadkiel said…
I think that's actually Lakshmi rocking out to the Koi Mil Gaya bits. I'm in the middle of reviewing this myself.
rossywar - Wow! Fab locale (I went twice on my recent visit to London). Yeah, I've been waiting to see this for years!

Temple - Me toooo.

Richard S - Yay!

Chris - A quick look at a trusted reference source agrees with you, so duly corrected.
Anonymous said…
Been waiting for this for years. Now without wasting time need to watch this one.
Anonymous said…
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Ebrahim - Hope you love it too!
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth, Loved the film, even Roger Ebert review had championed the film. Gonna be promoting the film all over our site too.

What an interesting manner to use Indian theme and envision it through such a fresh approach is brilliant.
Lurple said…
I've been waiting to see this for a while; I was very happy to see it become available. I'll watch the HQ version soon. My wife has been bugging me to find a copy, she really wants to see it too. :)
Ebrahim - Yay!!! There's a rumor that the film would be at Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival this year (which is in my town, so I'm extra hopeful it will be).... I agree, the film feels really fresh - I love all the different styles and aesthetics she uses (and so effectively).

Lurple - Absolutely! A-downloading we will go! I hope she likes it :)
desipolitan said…
A-mazing. I was so glad to see this was available online. From what I've been reading these last few years, it really has been a labor of love for Nina P and her collaborators. A beautiful re-telling of this story, and gorgeous artwork and music to boot! I can't say enough about this.
Lurple said…
They even put up 1080p versions for download! It looks gorgeous in HD. :)

The signed hard drive they are selling is pretty cool too. Sadly I don't want to spend that much cash right now.

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