Get off the sofa!

And learn the ending dance from Slumdog Millionaire! Video here. My favorite thing about this, other than giving me a chance to look slightly less idiotic, is how teacher Marshie Perera Rajakumar puts the moves in terms of a Bollywood hero - which is how I imagine Sunny Deol learning his choreography, especially that stomp-dance thing he does in Jeet. "Sunny, now, imagine you're a Bollywood hero...yes, you can imagine you are your a lumberjack squashing a bug that is threatening to ruin your picnic with Karisma."

Does anyone else remember the late-night tv ads for an instructional dance video during the Back Street Boys era called Darren's Dance Grooves, for which one of the promotional points was "I [Darren] break it down, so you can dance along"?

Courtesy of alert and awesome reader Temple.


gebruss said…
It sounds interesting. But I am not sure how my downstairs neighbours would react to me doing any vigorous dancing upstairs.

So, somthing to keep in mind the next time I am flat-hunting.
Anonymous said…
Beth what do you think of the bollywood style dance done at the Jay Leno Show with A R Rehman performing?
Temple said…
Squeeeal! Beth - Bollywood loves you right back :) You really should come back to Melbourne some time!
Gebruss - Marshie is my dance teacher and I prance around all the time regardless of the neighbours, although I have had a couple of conversations along the lines of "Oh, you're not Indian...from all the music we thought um....".
Uzo said…
Oooh DarrenDance moves...I rememeber that...He went on to star in Soul Food the series and Drum Line ....He is cute though...

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