technical difficulties

Dear writers whose blogs/sites I read:

Blogger, Wordpress, or your host or blogging software of choice may have told you that I am no longer following your blog. Yeh jhoot hai!

I am still reading. I just can't deal with Blogger's new-ish Reading List function conspiring with Google Reader to duplicate all of the feeds and make my Google Reader page, which is where I read most things, say that I have 1,746 unread posts to get through when really it's just a mere 873.* The 95 feeds in my Blogger Reading List were imported from Google Reader to start with, so why the Reading List then says to Google Reader "Hey, make entries for all of these things hse said she's reading!", and Google Reader did so despite all of those blogs already having feed entries in Google Reader, I do not know. If anyone has a fix for this problem, other than deleting all feeds from Blogger's Reading List, which is what I have just done and hence the reason for my concern, I would be happy to know of it.



Update to post (later that day): TheBollywoodFan has saved the day! His solution is in the comments.

* Numbers made up. Apparently Google Reader won't count over 1,000.


theBollywoodFan said…
Hey Beth! There's a setting (that could've been better advertised, seriously) in Reader to disable the automated inclusion of the container with the followed blogs.

From your Reader panel, click 'Manage subscriptions', then 'Preferences', and from under the 'Misc' section, uncheck 'Show followed blogs from Blogger'.

Hope this helps :)
Anonymous said…
Hmmm... bollyfan helped me too! Actually, I too wanted to disable the 'Following' list from my Google Reader. Thanks for help!

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