Suhaag is so fun.

Mighty fine Shashitabh here, yesirree.

Writeup to follow over the weekend. It's kinda hard to stop screencapping and actually start writing.


Anonymous said…
haha... what the last photo is about?
Rum said…
Suhaag was one of the first oldie movies I watched when i was a kid, that too with my daddy too! He loved the campyness of lair that amajad has also the supreme brilliance of the box which he hides his face in to seem enigmatic and villainous!
I loved the Shashitabh in the above pics, the quote "Kaunsa number, nau nahi chae!" (what number is it? Nine or six?) has become a perennial insult and threat in my household!
First I wanna thanks Jennifer Kendall for designing Shashi's clothes to be the most leathery and the most tight trousers ever, I think he might of suffered from Vinod Khanna-squeezes-butt-into-trousers syndromes all the more for me to weeeeeee!!
Temple said…
Yippee! I am so pleased you watched this!
Rum - you are so on the money it is like we shared a brain for just a moment. What a daft idea for a lair! How much pleather can there be in any one filmi wardrobe? Shashitabh..Rekha in a not scary avatar...
Beth I can't wait to read your review :)
Anonymous said…
I don't think I'd be able to write anything---I'd just be putting up screen shots of the subtitle hilarity (at least on my version)!

It is a fine fine film though, look forward to your review :-)
The last photo is from the first time they meet, each thinking the other is an evil don (and Shashi under cover in his official crime-fighting black leather pants).

Rum - It is truly campy and excellent. That is a great threat! I will be posting many images of the shoe sequences. Ah Jennifer, bless her, she sure knew how to dress her husband. Though perhaps his cop shirt is a bit tight in an unflattering way?

Temple - :) Me too! As for pleather, I think we should launch an official investigation to find the pleather-iest film in existence. I always joke about that song in the club in Dil Chahta Hai as being the pleather parade, but I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg. As for Shashi's pants, I think they could be tighter. "Could," not "should," mind you.

PS Email me sometime about living in Melbourne! I'm so jealous! I love it there!

Memsaab - That is exactly how I feel!
Anonymous said…
Leather pants always remind me of Ross's predicament in Friends. The poor guy wore tight leather pants and then got too warm in them but couldnt get them off because the perspiration made them stick! So, I feel for Shashi in his leather costume. lol!

But ya Suhaag is masala-madness personified and sooooo much fun that it would be a pity to stop and think about it!

PS: Watched Krodhi yesterday night. You should totally check out. Its Subhash Ghai+Dharmendra+Shashi Kapoor+masala-madness=great fun! :-)
Anonymous said…
Oh My - Amitabh's black and white shirt is hypnotizing me....



Post soon, before I implode!
Temple said…
Beth - DCH has a very high pleather saturation, but only in that one song. Saif maintained the ridiculous pants theme throughout but the other boys settled whatever grievance their wardrobe people had with them, and moved on.
I think Amitabh did much for the pleather industry (that sounds so smutty) in his angry masala years. But your question has got me thinking. SRK is probably current day pleather poster boy. KJo has a lot to answer for.
As to Melbourne - well today we are freezing under rain, hail and blue skies in swift changes, and it is almost official summer. Melbourne!
Enough chit chat - go finish your review (and tell me whether you think having the evil villain disguise-y ticket booth located in your house defeats the purpose of disguising your face)

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