Pyar Kiye Jaa-inspired to-do list

  • Rummage through closet and dig out stirrup pants and gold shoes.

  • Perfect Mohammed Rafi-esque animal noises.
  • Call Mehmood re: employment as subtitle proofreader for Vah Vah Productions.
  • Find way to work helpful dialogue into day-to-day speech.

    Hmmm.... Disguise kit and big car potentially useful for getting out of staff meeting? Contact Shashi and Kishore for plotting if necessary.
  • Write post on movie when finally tear self away from endlessly re-watching it.


heeh- I've prob seen this just under 20-ish times, so I concur :)
And while the guys' comic potential was expected, I think Mumtaz was brilliantly funny here- I wish the movie had had more of her :( [insert emotions of petulent sadness, with a Manoj-like stance]
Filmi Girl said…
Is there an emoticon representing a hand over the face in horrific saddness? The Manojicon?

I must see this!

(I'll bring my disguise kit and big car to watch.)
Shweta - This is one of the more addictive movies I have seen. So fab. Mumtaz is really funny - I'll be sure to mention her in my post.

Filmi Girl - Manojicon=GENIUS!!!!!! Love it! You most definitely must see this movie. :)
Gah! Now I'm DYING to see this. Time to pay a visit to Other Uncle Ji.
Maria_Rilke said…
omg, that is soooo funny hahahahaha
Bollyviewer said…
Disguise-kit! Now thats where the 60's were ahead of us - bet you cant call up Walmart/CanadianTire/Target or any such store and ask for a disguise-kit. I think this is a business opportunity waiting to happen - lets market our own disguise-kit. It should come with white, blonde and brunette wigs and beards as well as brown, black and white paint. Any takers?
Silent Melody said…
I have heard of this movie but I do not think I have watched it!! thanks for the reco, will try to get a CD/DVD..

Maria - Yay!

Bollyviewer - It's true, current practice has declined in quality (and no doubt quantity) from those heydays. :)

SM - Hope you like it! I think you will - it's so silly and good-natured.
Keith said…
The subtitle on the last picture sums up so many moments in my life!

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