Pan-European International Bollywood Blogger Meeting pictures, round 1

Enjoying Bollywood Sing Star with Maini and Kaddele.

Here are Babasko's pictures from our Bollywood weekend. Unfortunately for her, she was the MC, tech support, and DJ on Saturay night, so she wasn't able to take photos at dinner, the awards, and dancing. I have tons, as do several other people, and they will be added to the PEIBBM pool on Flickr.

A note about these awards that keep getting mentioned. I'm referring to this year's Annual Central European Bollywood Awards, as determined by the readers of the German-language forum. The forum is also how most of the people at the meetue know one another. As you will see, Om Shanti Om swept the awards. For many German-speaking fans, Bollywood=SRK. My understanding is that this phenomenon is partially due to German tv stations broadcasting dubbed versions of mainly SRK movies, and German subtitles on DVDs are rare. "The Khanians" (apologies if this is a derogatory term - I find it cute) are a very strong and vocal presence on the forum, and if one of his movies is nominated in a category, it is likely to stomp out other entrants. (They also love Kajol by extension, so last year, even though apparently many of them had never seen it, Fanaa won a few titles, as did KANK, to which most everyone present in Vienna for the unveiling of the awards yelled "Booooooo!")

T-hype, I Want to Dance with SRK, GrrlPretty, and Miss Bolly will no doubt be glad to know that Mini Khan is indeed alive and well in Europe, despite his loooong absence from travel updates. Here he is in his incredibly awesome Don jacket, made by one of the Viennese, helping show off the table decorations for Saturday night.

There was much discussion of where he will go next, and it sounds like Switzerland and France are in the works before he departs Europe for Nigeria, India, Japan, and Canada.


illusory motion said…
Just checked out the list of nominees and winners...can't believe a certain film made it to more than one list...I mean, how the hell did it get there? Am feeling really good about it right now!
Memsaab said…
Would love to see names (posting names/blog names) associated with the photos...although I understand if people want to preserve their privacy too :-)

Looks like fun, maybe I will try and make it next year!
AD said…
Ah yes, I love the one of SRK trying to row a bread basket over the table with a butter knife.
Is it legal to have this much Bolly fun??? I can only sigh wistfully and applaud :D
azuregoddess - The Euros who have seen it love it! I'm glad you're feeling good - clearly you should!

Memsaab - Ja, you should definitely come. I will email you some names once I'm safely home and not dependent on the Deutsch-wallahs for housing ;)

Aspi - He's utterly useless as rowing.

Shweta - You come next time too! I really do want to have a North American one, so maybe we can make that happen.
I vote for the north american one!!
I am green w/ jealousy over the european one, and woulld give an arm/leg to come, but am stuck in audits from jan-april, so am the least of mobile ppl during this time :( we can plan one in N.A., and have the euros visit :D
Let's do it! We can go to NY and reenact scenes fro Kal Ho Na Ho and KANK. Or at least do an SRK outstretched-arms move on the Brooklyn Bridge.

I have little doubt there will be another European one, and they might be changing the date to get better perhaps AFTER tax day!
t-HYPE said…
You guys look like you're having WAY too much fun.

Also, I'm very jealous of someone's crafty skills in creating SRK's jacket...
Shravan said…
agree with beth

BTW chk here u will find all actress hot wallpapers.

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