there are maybe three readers who will be as interested in this as I was, but too bad

So I'm watching Partner, and in the middle of "You're My Love," I spy Katrina Kaif wearing what appears to be a strategically sliced (and be-whaleboned) U of I t-shirt.

We've all heard of Harvards and Oxford University London*, but I never thought Bollywood's incorporation of non-Indian universities would extend to Urbana-Champaign.

But then when I took the disc out of the DVD player and put it in my computer to get screen captures, I was able to see that in fact it isn't a U of I t-shirt. It's a t-shirt for the fictional (or very unknown) Illinois Lions basketball team.

Oh well. The song is still really catchy and chock full of fug potential.

* Update to post: an email from a reader made me realize I should indicate that I do indeed know the proper names and locations of these universities - what I have written here is a reference to what I have heard them called in some (by no means all) movies. I don't remember where "Harvards" popped up, but I'm pretty sure "Oxford University London" is used in K3G.


Suzanne said…
That is truly weird. Either it is an unknown Illinois high school or the Bollywood version of Engrish. So odd.
payal said…
yeah...that is some obscure team! oh well, at least Illinois got some sort of shout-out in Bollywood! :) (p.s. as an Illinois alum, I'm still going to pretend it's for the Illini!)
Lena said…
That's quite funny. Maybe U of I should make Katrina their new mascot?

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