the 2nd Annual (right?!?) Pan-European/International Bollywood Blogger Meetup

The Europeans are at it again. This year's mostly-German-language* Bollywood meetup is scheduled for Munich, March 7-9. I'm going to put the N(orth) A(merican) in "InternatioNAl" and I think others should join me. Chale chalo! All are invited, and, once you make it to Munich, there is a promise of help finding a cheap place to stay (someone's couch, a shared hotel room, etc.) - and a superwow time, of course. The weekend is being planned by Michael, Kaddele, Marco, Maini, Maria, and Babasko. They've already done a ton of work - and I already have very high expectations.

the preliminary schedule
- Friday, March 7th: meet in the afternoon to hang out, blog, chat, do silly stuff, eat, drink. One idea is to catch a Bollywood flick in a Munich cinema in the evening (which might be a problem, since Babasko et al. still have to convince one of the local distributors to play an Indian film, but I have faith they'll come up with something).
- Saturday, March 8: the "Big Day": Typical Bavarian "Weisswurst" breakfast in the morning (my vegetarianism is going on hold), watching (and liveblogging, for those so inclined) a movie during the afternoon, and in the evening the 5th Annual Central European Bollywood Awards (voting will start early February), leading straight to festivities.
- Sunday, March 9: another joint breakfast and then...well, that's it. (But I bet if we asked reeeeally nicely and didn't have planes until later, we could do some sight-seeing, beer-garden visiting, etc.)

The crew has intimated that they have a lot ("and I mean a whole lot," Babasko says) of surprises in store and that this year is going to be even bigger and better than last. I had such fun last year, and the more the merrier. What could be better than a get-together with like-minded souls? Movies are great, but it's people that really make life special.

To folks in my hemisphere, there is again rumbling of a North American meetup. If you're interested in attending or helping plan such a thing, let me know. Wagons ho!

* Fluency in German not required. Friendliness and willingness to be goofy definitely required.


Anonymous said…
Beth, if you arrange the North American conference, the Bollywood Food Club will show up! And we will bring snacks.

- Nandini
Anonymous said…
Bollywood Food Club will also provide Johnnie Walker.

All the Best!

Banno said…
Wow, Bollywood in Munich. That promises to be something. Wish I could be there. Here's to lots of goofiness. Have fun.
Nutmeg said…
Just like to say that I really enjoy ur blog and wish with all my heart that I could join u in Munich (would hv been a chance of a lifetime to meet a bunch of fellow bolly-crazy ppl (jst much more articulate than moi :P) )
Stella_1 said…
Hi, I would like to attend the North American Bollwood meetup. If you need any help just ask. I could arrange for some great music!

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