a most auspicious event*; or, when I accidentally got to hear London's Bollywood Brass Band

When I was in London last winter, I ran very short on time to do everything (and see everyone) I had hoped. But a don't-miss for me is the absolutely fantastic Museum of London (the only other museums I got to were the Tate and the British Museum, and that was not nearly enough). I was already in high spirits as I opened the door, and you can imagine the squeak of delight at this sign greeting me in the museum's lobby:

I went to each of the performances, backtracking through the exhibits on London's history to claim a front-row spot in the lobby. I took a ton of pictures, most of them dark or blurry.

Trumpets + trombones + tuba + dhol = so fun.

There were also costumed re-enactor-type people running around the museum that day, and you can see two 60s Austin Powers-extra-looking guys on the right. They grooved along the whole time, medallions clanking. I really wanted to dance with them but was too shy.

Some of the pieces were accompanied by (muted) film clips. I don't know what Helen song this is

but we all know this one.

Technically this picture is crap, but it captures the spirit of the concerts.

If you ever get the chance to catch the Bollywood Brass Band in person, run, don't walk. You can hear samples here.

* Later that same day I had dinner at an Indian restaurant and when the waiter noticed me singing along to the Bollywood videos playing on the tv above the bar, he gave me the song DVD we had been watching.

Aside: this only faintly has to do with Bollywood and is included just because I'm remembering what a fun trip I had. My traveling companion to England, my old friend Melina, travels a lot for work and had managed to rack up enough points in the Hilton card system for us stay for free at the London Conrad on Chelsea Harbor. It was ridiculously posh - v Taj in quality if not in style or friendliness - and we were utter ragamuffins in comparison to the rest of the guests. We shot a Cribs-style video of our suite.

How could we not, given the level of celebrity that was in our rooms?

Melina's general response to TMBWITW is a dramatic statement of TMBWITW's overwhelming beauty that makes her want "to off myself - I mean, why even bother?" (her words), but she let me keep the magazine out anyway.


Raka said…
Having Ash in your hotel room is sort of ironic. So want to have that band play my wedding (after John Abraham proposes).
Impressionist said…
I have attended couple of their concerts when I was in UK and they are absolutely funtastic.
LuckyKabutar said…
sounds very interesting, will check them out next time I visit UK.
Silent Melody said…
Hey Beth, whats TMBWITW???
If you haven't already seen these movies, I highly recommend 'Jab We Met' and 'Johnny Gaddar'. I'd be interested to see what you think.
Mr. Mirek said…
I just found this article, and I knew you would appreciate it even if you have already read it. Sorry if this is old news for you.
Raka - oooh definitely hire them! I should add them to my Fake-Pretend Bollywood Wedding lineup.

Impressionist - aren't they! I'm so glad you've seen them.

LuckyKabutar - definitely! I need to get on some kind of mailing list so I'm prepared if they come to the US.

SM - "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World." :) I forget who came up with that, but I think it's funny.

Bollywood - I haven't yet but want to.

Mr. Mirek - thank you! I did see that but I haven't read it yet. By the way, are you Paul??? If so, did Luci tell you she is hunting down a copy of the Bollywood version of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?

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