Please excuse my pathetic lack of posts. There is a freakish level of busy-ness and interstate traveling lurking around lately. It's not as though I have a ton to say and am too busy to write about it; in fact, nothing at all filmi has been going on, except that on my travels I stopped by Army of Monkeys's [I'm going to stand by that apostrophe placement because the phrase "Army of Monkeys" refers to a singular entity] house for lunch and he gave me a really nice 2-DVD set of Main Hoon Na, a mighty fine present indeed. He also let me peruse his movie collection and my god does he have some crap, some of which he already inflicted on me.

Oh, and yesterday my lame nod to a Halloween costume involved my only filmi piece of clothing: a red bandhani scarf just like the one Anjali wears in the "leaving on a sad, sad train because Rahul loves Tina" scene in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Unfortunately, standing in my office doorway and trying to make my eyes fill with tears was not quite as effective as standing in the doorway of a train while it pulled slowly out of a station, scarf billowing, but no one at work would have gotten it anyway. Still, in my head, I was Anjali. (Aren't we all?)

I miss having movie-related conversations, so let's watch this trippy song from Purab aur Pacchim (thanks to Dr. Marcus for the tip!), which clearly I will have to see in total once I finish reading about it at philip's filums.


Maja said…
Marionettes!! What a great opening for any song.

You've been tagged btw, it's not exactly filmi, but it'll give you something to write about ;)
tsadkiel said…
Even if the monkeys were plural, I think your apostrophe would be correct, because the army is singular. On the other hand, I could just be making things up.
Ahhh. The song is surreal. Not just because it's puppets learning Twinkle Twinkle, but because it then turns into the bhangra version. You could probably start talk about Anglo-Indian relations now.

Hey! A young Vinod Khanna! He's earned a special place in the PPCC's heart ever since Muqaddar ka Sikandar. Yeah, Vinod.
Alan said…
Seems like most everyone is slowing down in blogworld. Including me.

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