Mini Khan update

If you haven't been reading the Mini Khan Experience on Bollywoodbloggers lately, you might want to check in. He's left North America after six cities in the US and is now in Europe, starting off at European Headquarters (a.k.a. Liebling Michael). What do you have planned, I inquired, both excited and worried for MK, whose safety and enjoyment are ultimately my responsibilities. Michael replied, "Mini will stay here for 14 days. It was hard for him all this time with girls. Now it's a men time." He would not discuss the matter any further, although this picture might give us a hint:

I guess we'll all just have to stay tuned - and hope they manage to work in a few adventures among all the hours spent shooting fictional characters. Maybe they'll do a "Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe"-style boys' night out after shopping for the appropriate outfits. On the other hand, MK probably needs to rest up before Kaddele and the Viennese get their hands on him....


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