authentic 1978; fake-pretend 1977

Coinkydink? Maybe, maybe not, but who cares? Too groovy for words. I'm all for very Brady Bollywood. This may just be the movie that gets me to drive three hours each way to the Chicago 'burbs to see it opening weekend.


Unknown said…
No this isn't Hrithik! Check out SRK's six-pack in this video---who knew!!!
Am looking forward to this film too. Although what's with SRK's weird new hair-style (he looks bad, bad, bad in it) - is it for this film ?
umananda said…
hairstyle- weird? Nonono! i love it! and farah will show us how to make a modern rocking 70sbollywood movie. OSO will give new drive and sexappeal to the indian filmindustry image abroad. Yeah. Having great expectations.
PS. I recommend that people run for "Om Shanti Om" instead of "Hairspray".
Unknown said…
Hey Beth, does your mini-Khan have the much-discussed six pack? You should doff that shirt off and take a peek.
Sandy said…
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