fun with curly-haired girls

From a watch-along of "O Hasina Zulfonwali" (starring Shammi and Helen) with Filmi Geek....

BLB: Look at these ladies' awesome hairdos!!!

FG: Isn't it faboo?

BLB: most certainly
BLB: one of those ladies looks a bit like a drag queen
BLB: in a good way
BLB: lots of makeup
BLB: oh the shiny jacket

FG: It was when Helen started coming down the stairs that I exclaimed "the 60s are awesome"

BLB: There's very little to dislike about the 60s.
BLB: this girl lying on the curve - that's funny and random
BLB: Is he playing THE SPOONS?
BLB: Does that say ROCKY?
BLB: Does she have giant tulle pants?

FG: Shammi's character's name is Rocky

BLB: of course it is
BLB: I should have guessed.

FG: look at the mariachis
FG: so random

BLB: look at the eyeliner

FG: It's at least eight kinds of awesome, this song

BLB: look at the girls in red and green with pink hats
BLB: at least
BLB: oh em gee
BLB: is that a giant eye?

FG: I think we've identified ten or twelve kinds already

BLB: yes, I see some senorita type shirts here
BLB: Helen is in the eye?
BLB: "So, Priya, what did you do on the film shoot today?" "I was an eyelash!"
BLB: I like how the glass and the spoons made the same noise.

FG: look at the flamenco dress!

BLB: I'm getting Bill Clinton flashbacks.


BLB: I'm hypnotized by the swirling

FG: Swing!

BLB: It's like Shashi and Elvis had a kid.
BLB: and not necessarily in the good way

FG: ew

BLB: Yes, but isn't it?
BLB: Lamps!
BLB: Paper maché weird sculpture thing!
BLB: More lamps!
BLB: What IS this?

FG: And chalk lines on the ground like someone died there?

BLB: I was just wondering that.
BLB: Maybe it's a map?

FG: maybe
FG: trombone!

BLB: Is there even any trombone playing right now?
BLB: Maybe it's supposed to be veins in marble?
BLB: Mariachi!
BLB: and now as suddenly as it began, it's over

FG: this is such an acid trip

Update to post (August 15, 2007 [happy Indian Independence Day]): after this we watched "Aaja Aaja" from the same movie and coined the term "ShammiShimmy" to describe some of the dancing. ShammiShimmying is an instant mood enhancer.


Anonymous said…
Teesri Manzil = totally basmatic.
Pri said…
omg i would never have noticed the chalk outline on the floor if u hadnt pointed it out. heeeeeee
and i cant decide if i like the pink dress or the orange dress better. wait the pink one has more ruffles. if i ever get married im so making my bridesmaids wear that dress.
Katrin said…
This song is when I fell completely in love with both Helen and Shammi. It's probably my favourite film song ever. (Although the head shaking in Aaja Aaja later in the film is nearly as amazing.)
Have you watched the film yet? It would be a great candidate for collective viewing because it's so much FUN!
Pri said…
did u get to watch your favourite akshaye khanna on koffee with karen?
Unknown said…
I'm stopping by to say the title of this post alone is worth reading, but you've always known how fun curly girls are, right?

-melinka (a girl with a curl)
AR said…
LOL! I must have seen that song a million times and it never struck me... the things you get conditioned to.

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