Aaja aaja!

Courtesy of the superwow Pardon My Hindi, I just learned that in her song "Jimmy," M.I.A. samples "Jimmy Jimmy" from Disco Dancer - and, even better, the video is...well, even better, complete with 80s graphics, a Bollywood backup dancer army, shiny lycra dresses, pouting, and what I take to be nods to Charlie's Angels and classical sculpture kitsch.


Maja said…
I was just reading a music magazine and there's a review of M.I.A.'s new album (4 out of 5) in which the "Donna-Summer-goes-Bollywood" track Jimmy is described as the best song on the CD.
Love that video!
alienvoord said…
It's a great song, but the best song on the album has to be Paper Planes.

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