weekend creative writing contest

From the Rang De Basanti premier in Mumbai way back when...

Write in with
1) a caption (for example, "You can't pinch an inch" or, courtesy of Bollywood Fugly's Pooja, "Lemme see your new iphone" [time warp necessary, of course])
2) your best explanation of what's going on
3) a statement of who in the photo you would most like to be and why.

Thanks to Filmi Geek for the picture (and Bollyvista) and to FG and the Bollywood Fugly gals for lively discussion over what in the world Kunal is up to.


Blue said…
Wow -- wardrobe said you dressed to the right, but this is ridiculous!
Corny name said…
That cinema's near my house,.
Damn.. missed KK feeling up Aamir..
Damn damn!

Btw, I met Soha Ali Khan once, in a movie hall. Didn't recognize her at first, so I went upto her and started chatting like I knew her from somewhere.. "So, you still working there.." (cause I thought I knew her from some office party)..
And she was like.. "Yeh.. How're you doing, long time no see"..

Then i walked into Omkara, and recognized her brother.
Exciting days indeedy :P
Filmi Geek said…
blue, your proposed caption made me spew coffee all over my keyboard. I just love that picture - the possibilities are limitless!
Steve said…
The search for Aamir's missing left thumb soon took on an awkward tone.

"I'm getting warmer... warmer..."

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