Could it be I haven't watched any movies since Dhoom 2? Nah! It's just that they've been NFDC movies, and I just haven't felt that my writing about them fit the spirit of what I tend to do here. (Long story short and labels aside, you know I already like big-hearted naach-gaana Hindi films [which I say with much love and respect and absolutely no dismissiveness], and I'm gradually learning about and really liking other Indian cinema too. I'm undecided about whether and how to integrate those movies into this site.) Recently I've seen Ek Ghar and Satyajit Ray's Ghare Baire; you can watch them at Jaman and join in the discussion.

What with those movies, book reviews, a new project with Michael (watch here for further details), and revisiting old favorites like Dil Chahta Hai and Kal Ho Na Ho's "Pretty Woman," I'm woefully behind on some unwatched DVDs that are piling up. In the meantime, let's enjoy this fantastic - dare I say "fabulous"? - picture of Rekha and Amitabh, courtesy of "The Bachchan Ladies," a handy page that chronicles Amitabh's films by the women with whom he starred.

Yikes. As I believe I've mentioned previously, I come from small-town Illinois and went to high school in the late 1980s and early 1990s, so I know big hair, and that is big hair.* Big enough to top Madhuri or Karisma.

Dear photo shoot stylist: why did you ask them to purse their lips? Are they in a daytime soap? Are they cooling off soup? Are they just waaaay too sexy for their 80s grandiosity? I won't actually issue this as a caption contest since I only got one (albeit completely genius - well done Blue!) entry last time, but I welcome submissions anyway, because I'm pretty sure that there is a very funny statement to be made about this picture. It needs to be juuuust right, as the baby bear would say, but it's out there.

* At first I thought she was lying down, so that most of the radius isn't anti-gravitational. But then I thought if she's lying down, he has to be too, and somehow on top of her, and given the whispers, does it seem likely they would have posed like that?


Blue said…
I'm torn between Bollywood Barbie and Masala Ken... or with the idea that those two are like those bears that have magnets in their mouths, and when you put them together they'd kiss.

But Bollywood would never release dolls like that. Big B could have a magnet in those pursed lips, but Rekha's magnet would have to be on her hand, or maybe her forehead. ^__^

There's just something... plastic... about them, though.
That's why her shoulder is bare, I bet - for smoochin'!

It's almost like they're trying to do a Marilyn Monroe boop-boop-bee-doo and hadn't quite made it when the picture was snapped. It's all quite mysterious.
Miss Bolly said…
It's possible that their photos were taken seperately and then superimposed together. That's done frequently for promotional shoots. I'd be willing to bet that's what they did here.

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