tiny quibble

There's a piece in the Deccan Herald about Akshaye and Saif's upcoming Abbas-Mustan movie Race that says Abbas says he cast them together because they've never starred together before. What about Dil Chahta Hai? It's not as though that was just a tiny flop film that nobody saw. The article continues to talk about various pairings of stars and the importance of getting the right combination.

I am, of course, geeked about the movie. Two great tastes that taste great together, say I. Let's hope Saif's all-around top-notch talent isn't wasted and Akshaye doesn't get all scowly and shouty.


Anonymous said…
I love the word "geek" as a verb.
Corny name said…
Ok.. I have no comment pertaining to your current post ....but.. HEY!
Haven't visited your blog for a while..

I've only recently gotten interested in bollywood. But then again, the movies have got a lot better, and Spiderman 3 reminded me of a Karan johar film, what with all the melodrama and dancing..

Anyway, just like to tell you I enjoy your blog a lot. Keep writing :)

akshayefan said…
This article came ages ago. OK, months ago. I think the journalist made a whole lot of story based ona single line.

Akshaye is always fascinating in Abbas-Mustan's movies. In Humraaz, he was interesting, in 36, Chinatown he simply was mind-blowing. Silly film but he was great.

And, he's paired opposite Katrina Kaif! That's one heck of a good-lookin pair.

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