please Mr. Postman

Michael and I have a new project. Sign up!

Someone's going to have to get him out of here before he's completely corrupted by these loose American women.

Looks like he can handle the paparazzi, though.


Blue said…

Where did Michael get this???

I'll sign up for the project, but I want one of my very, very, own!
Raka said…
That doll is amazing, how did you make it? I especially like the inclusion of the "Pretty Woman" pants. Though I must say I would prefer the transparent nipple bearing shirts.
blue - totally!

raka - thanks, but I didn't - I bought it on ebay. Last year a company made four "Bollywood legends" dolls: Shahrukh, Kajol, Hrithik, and...Priyanka. How she fits "legend," I do not know. And I'm so glad you pointed out the pants - I thought that too and have already planned to photograph him in some version of that song (as soon as I can find a big US flag to pose him in front of). And ditto re: shirts! I'm going to see if I can find him some pimpy Ken clothes.
Ashley said…
You just gotta know I love this idea. Yes, I really do.
Maja said…
lol, LOVE Mini Khan's eyebrows, how perfect are they? This is a brilliant idea, of course I'm signing up! Yay!
Miss Bolly said…
Hahahaha! The poses are awesome in those pics. I can't wait for Mini-Khan to come visit!

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