desperately seeking Mohnish Behl

Turns out there's a very ardent fan of Mohnish Behl out there, and said fan has expressed concern that in Behl's 90+ movies there is no scene of him shirtless. I suggested that perhaps proximity to Salman would result in an outbreak, but apparently HAHK and HSSH don't yield results. Can anyone help?


Mahima, put your post back! :) I was about to tell you how much I liked the idea of betting cupcakes (plus the good tip, of course)!
Unknown said…
Check out his second movie called 'Teri Bahon Mein' (In Your Arms) where he is self-explanatorily named 'Jungle Boy'. I'm betting a cupcake he is shirtless (and little else) through the majority of the movie.

Enjoy! :-)
Unknown said…
Sorry Beth, I was trying to post the comment under the name I usually use on your blog (pinke_v). Oh well!

Cupcakes. mmm!
No problemo! :) It's nice to see you again. Wanna come over and make some cupcakes?
Nimbus said…
The Teri Baahon Mein that Mahima mentions is a remake of the Brooke Shields movie Blue Lagoon (1980). Yes, much joy indeed.

Hello from another Bollywood loving blogger! :)
Megha - oh that is too fantastic. I know our Mohnish fan will be happy to hear it!

And I read your blog all the time! Thank you for coming by!
Corny name said…
Man.. I've never heard of any of these people!! :P
Seriously.. Which movies has this guy done?

Btw, is that one of the trashcan penguins in bombay?
Corny name - I'm not up on these titles either. And yes, the penguin is from the Hanging Garden in Mumbai! I noticed lots of animal-shaped trashcans in my travels around India and only wish I had photographed more of them. I thought they were really charming, if a little incongruous.
*~mad munky~* said…
ooh, mohnish behl... isn't he in some tv drama nowadays? i'm sure i've seen him on the small screen...

i only found out recently that the lovely nutan was his mother :o)

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