Separated at birth?

I just got back from seeing Waitress and could not stop thinking how much
looks like


Gaurav said…
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ggop said…
OMG, you are right. I have watched all seasons of Firefly and Serenity and never would have made that connection.

How was the movie? (Waitress) I wanted to see it.
ggop, I'm so glad you agree! I always think people look like other people - or think I recognize faces on the street and am very often wrong - so I figured it was just me. Waitress was really cute - sweet and charming but also with a bite and a sense of pragmatism about life that I found really compelling. Keri Russel and Nathan Fillion make their characters so charming that I didn't even mind they were cheating on their spouses. Andy Griffith was great too. Everyone is.
t-HYPE said…
My first thought is--Ok, so they're not the same person?!--not to say that I know who either of them are...
Katrin said…
Nathaaaaaan!!!!! GAH!!!! Squeeee!!!!

Um, sorry, that was my inner fangirl. Please don't compare his schnuffiness with boring Vivek ...

I'm so envious of you!
I've heard so many good things about Waitress but because the world is unfair and mean there doesn't seem to be a German release in the near future.
I need to watch some Firefly right now ...
sparkle hayter said…
Vivek is much cuter though.

Hey, I'm with you, more Bollywood, less coriander!
Brown Magic said…
hahahhaha, so true. but nathan has special spot in my heart so dont be comparing him to this lot.

And Waitress was adorable. sweet and sad. my kinda romantic comedy.
OMG how true! They could be brothers. Though I must say Vivek's always seemed a bit thick, whereas Nathan has a rascally intelligence (a la Han Solo!).
It delights me no end that other people see the similarity too. Usually I'm all alone on these things.

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