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Poor Akshaye. It's bad enough that a major chunk of a thread in the BollyWHAT forums is devoted to his unfortunate hair situations; now the Times of India is discussing his procedures. Sigh. We can't all have Shashilicious curls, can we?


akshayefan said…
Newspapers do soemtime make narky comments about his hair.

But I did go through the message thread you posted and well, it's not so bad as you projected it.

Still, can;t help but notice that you seem to be less and less fond of Akshaye since you discovered Shashi.
Oh, no doubt about it. I don't know if the two trends are related, but they're definitely there. :) Part of the problem is I haven't seen Akshaye do anything really good for awhile, though admittedly I haven't seen all of his movies (I've watched all that I can get my hands on and think look good). However, I'm very excited about Race and Gandhi My Father. In your first look of the poster, I'm amazed at how much he reminds me of his dad.
akshayefan said…
Remind his father? Am I missing something?
Oh, I just meant that in the GMF poster he reminds me of Vinod.

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