a poem

It's a relatively lesser-known fact that while I may go on (and on and on) about Akshaye and Shashi and Saif, there is a signifcant part of me that quietly but absolutely adores Abhishek Bachchan. He's not officially on the FPMBF list, mainly out of affection for Maja ("I sacrified my love on the altar of friendship," as Babasko sometimes reminds me about her long-ago fledgling feelings for Akshaye), but also because I cannot quite put into words what I like about him. It goes beyond "madly talented and wildly attractive," and it can't really be expressed without sound effects. It has a lot to do with how funny he can be (and how geeky and selfless it comes off), a trait that Akshaye seems to be sorely lacking and that Shashi has but often couples with a touch of smugness that will probably grow tireseome. A shared sense of humor wins over an ability to smolder, dance, charm, be intense, or look good in pleather pants, no question about it.

Anyway, I was just reading Filmi Geek's post on Bluffmaster, where she described him thusly
While he has the looks for dark, brooding characters, he is at his ease and at his best in brash, goofy roles, embodying a certain kind of nerd cool. Indeed, so appealing is Abhishek in roles like Bluffmaster that one wonders why anyone bothers casting him in films like Umrao Jaan.
I did a quick mental survey of the roles I've seen him play (which upon hasty consideration I sort loosely into "funny," "brooding," and "underused in a cameo that most anyone else also could have done") and how I feel about them. And then, as I sat sipping my post-lunch iced latte (it's like 87 degrees or something, insanely warm), I was suddenly inspired to write a little poem about my feelings for Baby B.

I love Abhishek when he's funny,
Like when he's Roy or when he's Bunty.
I love Abhishek when he's not,
like in Yuva or Umrao - such talent he's got
I love Abhishek in a house
I love Abhishek with a mouse.
I love Abhishek here or there
I love Abhishek anywhere.
I may not like green eggs and ham,
but about Abhishek all I can say is damn.*

(Procsrastinate? Who, me?)

* With apologies to Army of Monkeys, whose word I have co-opted.


Amaluu said…
I totally heart your poem, Beth. Almost as much as I heart Abhishek.
Maja said…
Teehee! I'm so printing this out and hanging it on my wall somewhere *g* Brilliant!

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