for those of us who wish Mr. Darcy could be just a bit more filmi

Somehow I have had my head under a rock that prevented me from ever hearing about Goodness Gracious Me, a BBC sketch comedy show I am going to have to rent at the earliest opportunity. Allons-y au Bollyblog d'A2 à voir une vidéo de YouTube in which recurring character Chunky Lafunga, a Bollywood star, appears in Pride and Prejudice. C'est tres bon, ça.


Nisha said…
Oh you've GOT to watch that skit. It still cracks me up when i watch it now. :p
yves said…
Gee Beth, thanks for having made us discover that!!!
Maja said…
I've seen a few short clips from Goodness Gracious Me (they're sometimes shown in between programmes on BBC Prime) and I sometimes watch The Kumars at No. 42, which has some (or all?) of the same actors, but I've never seen a whole episode of GGM. Have to find it somewhere ... This clip is hilarious!
ggop said…
That was so funny!
Indianoguy said…
Hey, I was thinking of doing a post about the same clip. Chunky Lafunga seems like a mix of Govinda, Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan.
illusory motion said…
Completely unrelated comment - Check this out if you haven't already - Hrithik in a sony Walkman phone ad.

PS.Check out the big guy in the black T-shirt and baseball cap behind Hrithik in the last dance segment. He cracks me up everytime!

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