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This post has nothing to do with anything on this blog. But this is one of the places I feel happiest, and I am in need of some happiness today. My father teaches at Virginia Tech University, as did my mother, a cousin is a senior there, and various relatives are alumni. They are all safe, but they are all horrified beyond comprehension. I grew up in a college town (not in Virignia - I grew up in Illinois and my parents have retired to Blacksburg, which is in the area where my mother grew up), and I work at a university and live in a college town now, and that precious feeling of security and good-natured insularity that such communities often have is a big part of what makes things feel like home to me - so in some ways I can sort of imagine how thrown, how torn, how shaken my...what's the word? fellow gownies? neighbors by type? whatever, colleagues in Blacksburg are. But in other ways I cannot, it is unfathomable, it is horrible, that's not how one uses commas but even I don't really mind right now. Thank you so much to all of the people who have written me to ask or to extend sympathy. I'm undecided about whether the universe takes notice of wishes and sympathies and things like that, as everyone things why why why, but I'm hopeful just in case, and I'm grateful no matter what.


Andromache said…
Hey, I'm a big fan of your blog. It's sort of weird that this is my first comment... but... My parents also work for VTech. My family is safe, but I love visiting Blacksburg when I'm on break from college and I'm incredibly shocked right now. So I'm extending my sympathies as well.
Anonymous said…
*takes you in his arms
Anonymous said…
A big hug from me too. I’m glad that your family is ok. I whish we all could be there with you and make you feel save.

Luvbeers said…
Glad your family is OK as well, my sister lives nearby as do some other cousins. But these incidents go to show that the Government needs to stop wasting time regulating obscenity in the media and invading other countries for oil contracts when they should be concerned with the mental health of people at home and their access to firearms.

Unfortunately, and this is the horrifying fact, the VT massacre will fade away into the media abyss relatively quick compared to the 1966 University of Texas and Columbine shootings as Americans barely find this shocking anymore.

Get a grip States.
Anonymous said…
I live in West virginia, not too far from Va Tech.I have so many friends doing their Master's and PhD at Va tech.I got a hold of all of them but 2.I hope to god they're o.k---what scares me is that all of this happedned at an engineering building.

The anguish one feels cannot really be expressed in words.It seriously is high time that America considered seriously stricter measures for gun control.On the O'Reilly factor yesterday this lady was attacking(of all things) the ban on concealed weapons , by arguing that if the students would've had concealed weapons they could have defended themselves!---Beyond ludicrous to say the least.I know that this is the wrong spot to voice a political opinion, but I couldn't help it.let's all hope that something gets done
Thank you everyone. That's all I can think to say, but it is heartfelt.

Luvbeers (I think I just now got your name, hee - or else you're Dutch, or maybe both) - I couldn't agree more with you about the government needing to refocus. Bush's comments yesterday made me so angry, and I also annoyed that he's going there today; while I know presidents show up at the sites of national tragedies (too late, sometimes), I don't trust him or his administration to say or do anything remotely useful. Then again, it's not for me to say; if people there are helped, then that is what matters. I've spent a lot of energy wondering if there is anything specifically or uniquely American about this kind of event, and apart from the method, maybe encouraged by our numerous and harmful gun issues, I'm not sure there is. But I'm not sure there isn't. I just think that our culture and society have failed when this is a response that people have repeatedly.

Joseph - I had wondered how you were doing. And please, you may certainly post political opinions here, especially when I've brought up a topic that has such implications. (If I don't agree with you, I may not engage with them, but that doens't mean you can't post them.) I hope you get hold of your friends soon and that they are as alright as possible. Take care of them - and you.
Unknown said…
Beth, thanks for updating us. At a time like this its hard to say one is happy about any piece of news, but I'm certainly thankful your family is safe.
TNL said…
A big hug to so glad your family is safe. My prayers are with the families and friends of the deceased...

take care,
Anonymous said…
Condolences, Beth. It's such a senseless tragedy. Having just graduated from a close-knit college campus I understand the sense of solid community that they have. It is incredibly scary to have that community shaken. Lots of hugs, love and support.
Anonymous said…
lots of hugs from germany. babasko informed us and we are very happy that your family is okay. love maini

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