meetup day, part 2

It's 2:15. We're all in one of Babasko's classrooms and she has distributed laptops for anyone who wants to post live. It is ridiculously techy in here, with over half of the 22 people typing away. We just got back from wandering the Naschmarkt and gathering food for lunch. I have opted for Haribo gummi cherries and a diet coke - no one can say I don't represent my homeland.

Main Hoon Na has begun! Michael, who is right in front of me, has already started chair-dancing (and he stole a gummi cherry, but I totally forgive him). It is important to note here that the subtitles are going to be auf Deutsch. I hope to take this as a learning opportunity, since I know the movie well enough not to need any help.

And by the way, in our carrom game, I got only one disk in until the very end, when I got the rani. Consider it broughten.

We're 20 minutes in or so now and it is weird to see these characters speaking German. They sound exactly the same as always, but the text at the bottom is jarring. (Not because it's German, of course, but just because it isn't English, which is of course what my subtitles always are.)

Boman Irani has just made his first apperance and we all cheered. I love these people.


babasko said…
how are you doing the with the geramn subs?
Anonymous said…
it was so great to meet you in Vienna. god tur (you see, norwegian is really easy sometimes :D ) love maini

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