And he does his little turn on the catwalk...

and is far, far too sexy.

via Now Running via Michael


Sharon said…
... but there are *sequins* on his pocket -flaps and nehru collar.

Shiny. Black. Sequins.

And the sandals? the less said the better.

He's a good-looking man, what does this designer have against him?
I lurve the line, cut, etc., but I would indeed de-spangle the pockets and collar. I was going to say osmething about the sandals originally, but then I thought "What in the world do I know about Indian male footwear?" But yeah, not quite as classy as the rest of it. I also think he looks so lovely in colors that the black seems a waste, but I shall not complain further. :)
Anonymous said…
Hmm, I think the sandals are a bad combination- they should have gotten black traditional shoes, also no need for the top to be so high collared. His top looks like Dr. Evil's from Austin Powers.

But he looks yummy backstage. I take that Akshaye over this :)

Also a nice little video
ggop said…
The dhoti has been draped gorgeously.
Yeah why black? Looks like he is mourning.
Anonymous said…
perhaps after my vacation i should go to work dressed this way *gg
AD said…
I have a theory: I think Shashi Kapoor and Akshaye have the same jaw. And that is why they are BLB favorites. It's all in the jaw :)
Nisha said…
Oh God. I've just about died and gone to heaven. Yum!
Nisha - just you wait! The screen caputres from the movie I'm currently watching will melt you completely!
yves said…
Hi Beth,
Justice obliges me to say that I referred to your exchange above recently, while writing a little something about dear Aksahye!

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