Friday, March 16, 2007

"Aaya India"

This morning I finally watched the "Aaya India" video and I was actually moved by watching Shahrukh charge forward with the flag and found myself feeling a little bit peppy after the song finished. Somehow I am so won over by SRK's charisma-oozing shenanigans that I got a little bit excited about a sporting event - even though I don't know the first thing about cricket (except that there's a position called silly mid-on, which sounds exactly like it was made up by Monty Python) and I'm not from the country whose team is being sappily and a bit hurrah-for-the-homeland-edly advanced. I mean, he's literally flag-waving, which I hate, and I cannot imagine any Hollywood actors in any such video having any effect on me other than "urgh" and changing the channel. Usually celebrities pointing at me and trying to get me to feel or do something is annoying.

Maybe the song taps into a Lagaan-ish ability to spin India and cricket as noble and righteous. There's something appealing about the participatory scenes, where the fans' actions and thoughts are depicted having a clear and direct effect on the spirit of the team. The misty-eyed expressions of Priyanka and Kareena, though, ticked me off - can't women ever get anything interesting to do in any script these days?

All I can say is, if Shahrukh came running down my street with a big flag, I would follow.

Aside to Miss Bolly: your FPMBF is in it too. With hair.


Bikas Mishra said...
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Bikas Mishra said...

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Bikas Mishra said...

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Miss Bolly said...

Ooh, he's cute! Like, really cute!

Miss Bolly said...

Sorry, that above comment was meant for the Shashi Kapoor post. What I meant to say on this one is that this is one of those times when Shahrukh's siren call beckons me back to his arms. John must be so jealous. I'd feel bad for him if he hadn't pissed me off by cutting his hair.

Beth said...

Miss Bolly - there is so much of cuteness in the posts these days. (Oh dear, what does that say about me?) John should definitely be jealous of Shahrukh, for many reasons, not the least of which is your affections.

Miss Bolly said...

Honey, there is no shame in celebrating the cuteness!