a new project and the original U. J.

(The following is going to read like a pitch - and for good reason, because it is, but I'm allowed, because I am a happy part of the pitchee.)

So guess what? I'm delighted to be part of a new world cinema website, jaman.com, as part of the South Asia team. Everyone should join up and join in. Plus be in my discussion group on "Why I Love Bollywood" which is going to, you know, totally rock - maybe I'll start a "because of Akshaye Khanna" thread. Jaman has a bunch of movies you can watch, review, and discuss all in the same site. Today I discovered that you can add notes to movies as they play, so that viewers will get a little pop up that there's a note at the appropriate point and can then read or ignore as they wish. For someone who tends to watch movies by herself, this is a much-needed outlet to share all my very important insights as they happen.

I've got oodles of beta invites, which include free movies (limited time only!), so clicky here to sign up! They have Bollywood and so much more. Also, if you know of a South Asian film or filmmaker who deserves to be seen, then contact Geetanjali at geetanjali@jaman.com.

My fist Jaman movie has been the original Umrao Jaan, and my thoughts will be published over there shortly (and no, it won't be a compare/contrast style article like last time - honeslty, that's been done, and anyway my..."style," let's call it, isn't good for people who don't already know me).


Lidia said…
I found that site about a week ago and signed up! It's such a great concept and it has some great movies in the bollywood section! But i'm on a download plan so i'm only allowed to download like 1 G a month :( But it is definately a great website!
Anonymous said…
Beth! You rule! I'm so glad to have you on the site guiding me and my stumbling attempts to see more Bollywood! :)

Danielle (AKA jamanista)
Anonymous said…
I joined up recently as well - I don't expect I'll download many movies but you never know, and anyway I'm always up for discussion. So I'll be there! Can't wait to hear what you thought of UJ ...
Geetanjali said…
What a cool post Beth! Jaman is so glad to have your voice - I can't wait to hear what you thought about UJ - one of my favorite movies!

Geetanjali (AKA Desi Mama in Charge )
TNL said…
Thanks!!! I just signed up.

Sarah said…
Long time lurker, first time poster!

Thanks for the heads-up on Jaman! They have several films I've been wanting to see. Thanks!

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