One week from today I fly to London for six fabulous days (and three in York) before heading on to Vienna to the First Pan-European/International Bollywoodbloggers Meeting. So, experts, what should a Bollywood fan (and India-interested gal) do? My traveling companion is decidedly not into Bollywood, so if I do go to a movie it will be on my own. I'm happy to get non-Bollywood-related travel suggestions too - it's been twelve years since I was there.* Right now the thing I'm most excited about is museuming myself into a coma.

* I actually lived in London for a semester when I was five - my dad was on sabbatical - and back then my favorite things about the city were that 1) we lived across the street from Jim Henson and 2) we could walk to Hampstead Heath (before you get impressed that we lived in Hampstead, know that our flat had only a teeny kitchen, another general room, and a bedroom - the bathroom was down the hall) where I loved to feed the ducks. My little hometown didn't have a duck pond, you see. Or any escalators, which I have always liked too.


Anonymous said…
If you do decide to go to the movies on a day when your travelling companion is otherwise occupied, the Himalaya Palace in Southall is a great place to go -- it's built like a Chinese pagoda (who knows why) and usually has 3 bollywood films on at any one time, and is very cheap by London standards. And the area around it is heaven for shoppers looking for Indian DVDs, music, food, and clothing.

Have a great time in London!
Indianoguy said…
Southall is good, Eastham is good as well, you can get authentic south Indian food. You can meet beautiful mallu girls and Tamil guys with big moustaches...
Impressionist said…
Southall has more of Bollywood than East Ham (East ham has more Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu movie collections). So Southall it has to be.

Have Fun.
Unknown said…
So who is this fabulous and gorgeous gal pal with whom you'll be sojourning? Is her name Melina?

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